Monday, 13 February 2012

China Glaze Prism

HI Goddesses

Well, what do you think, do I look pretty?  I have a new header and a new background, all designed by the lovely Jamie at Nails Adored.  She works for polish, and she's too nice to say so, but boy, did I make her work for her polish!! Lol, oops, I am a very fussy Crumpet.

I love it though - super happy, and 2 of my fave colours - red and purple.   So I decided that this special day needed a special post, so let's get stuck into the new China Glaze Prismatics, shall we ?

There are 6 in the collection - a pink, lilac, blue, green, gold and silver.   I don't know what I thought Prismatic would mean - holo-ish ?? - but these are not what I expected.  I've barely seen any posts online, except this brilliant one here, but each day I'll show you one or two.  And yes, I am loving them.

Not to be obvious or anything, but let's start with the lilac one shall we :)  This one is called Prism.  Let's start with the bottle shot - 

I can't even begin to tell you how pretty these bottles are.  They're like mini glitterstorms - you can shake the bottle and watch it settle for HOURS ha ha.  I am sure that's not what CG had in mind, but boy are they pretty.

So each Prismatic is basically one colour of super fine glitter mixed with small round pieces of other colours.  It's the super teeny tinyness that makes it so pretty.  Conceptually, the contents of the bottle look very similar to OPI's Excuse Moi - that same ground up glittery magical perfection.

These go on pretty much opaque - unlike normal glitters.   2 coats makes them totally opaque.   This is how they looked at just one coat - pretty impressive. 

For this post all the fingers have 2 coats, except the index finger which is 1 coat over 1 coat of Zoya Dawn, and the ring finger, which is 1 coat over 2 coats of OPI Vampsterdam.

There is a MASSIVE amount of dazzle in this mani - Zoe Garner, it has your name written ALL over it :) - and I really like that the base colours distort it just enough to give it more ooomph.   

The level of glitter in here is just outrageous.  I mainly see hot pink, silver and a greeny ice blue, but it's hard to see through the glare from the dazzle!

These prisms are supposed to have a duochrome effect - to be honest, I'm not really seeing that, but in a move that can only be described as spiteful, the sun decided to go and hide behind a cloud the MINUTE the first coat went on.  Spiteful.

The main surprise for me is that these are being released now.  They scream Christmas, and they look like spectacular baubles and frosted ornaments.  Maybe CG had a big internal competition to design a glittery collex, and didn't bank on having 2 winners - these and the Marilyns.

So there you have Prism ..... tomorrow we'll do the green.

Enjoy xx :)

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