Friday, 17 February 2012

China Glaze Prismatics - Liquid Crystal

Hi Goddesses

Right, before we get started, let me tell you how this is gonna go, okay?  Yesssss, there is flipping glitter everywhere, and all round my nail and yessss, I have tried to remove it, but d'you know what, you're just not gonna notice ok, cos Crumpet is tired, and this is the 5th dance with the glitter devil in 2 days, and I have 1 more Prismatic to go and I just can't take it sob any sob more !!!!

Jeez this glitter is driving me wild.  It's everywhere.  And why doesn't it come off with polish remover and a brush - why does it require a chisel or a jackhammer to remove it?   Why ??  Why, it makes no sense.  Why be so pretty and yet so stubborn, why?

Deep breath, Crumpet, deep breath.   Phew.  Actually, this, Liquid Crystal, aka the blue one, is the prettiest of all 5.  It really is.

This is an icy blue (I sooooo wish they'd released these before Christmas) that is predominantly scattered with pink glitter.  The pink in this is most boisterous, and makes for a dramatic combination.

There are 2 coats on every nail - index has Essie Borrowed & Blue as underwear and ring has OPI Ogre The Top Blue (and looks pretty damned sensational, I'd say).

This is the fox of the collection.  This is the looks demure but then flirts like a cougar glitter, the "I'm made of ice but my knickers are made of fire" of the collection - it's icy yet racy, cold yet minxy.  I love all its contradictions.

This is by far my favourite of the 5 so far - I'm going to stop, but honestly, I could go on for a fair while yet!

The final one is the pink, and then we'll do a good ole round up post.

Enjoy xx :)
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