Saturday, 18 February 2012

China Glaze - The Prismatics Round Up

Hi Goddesses

So, by now you'll have hopefully seen all 6 posts, heard me bleat about removing glitter and either gone "ooooh" or "naaaaah".   I did intend to do a skittle hand for this post, but I just couldn't take it anymore!!  Sorry.

But they are pretty.   First of all, let's look at the bottle and compare, and then I'll show you photos of each as a reminder.

In order of my favouritism, from l-r - Liquid Crystal, Ray-diant, Prism, Optical Illusion, Polarized and Full Spectrum.

Liquid Crystal (blue), Ray-Diant (gold), Prism (lilac)

and Optical Illusion (green), Polarized (silver) and Full Spectrum (pink) 

Ok and now one by one -

And there you have it.  Which one is your favourite ?   Full Spectrum was the winner for me - this blue thing is getting out of hand - but all in all, these are a very very pretty bunch of polishes.  Well done China Glaze!

Enjoy xx :)

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