Monday, 6 February 2012

a-England Avalon

Hi Goddesses

I am soooo pleased every day when I log onto Blogger or Facebook and see all the love that is being spread for Adina.  I am thrilled everybody loves her polishes as they are genuine works of art, created by someone who understands colour, texture and impact.

I haven't bought the St George Collection yet.  When I saw the first photos, there wasn't a single one I thought I liked, however, the more I see them, the more they call to me.  Can photos talk to your soul ?  I don't know, but Adina's polishes definitely do.

So this is Avalon, named after the island where Excalibur was made.  I have to say, there hasn't been a single a-England polish so far that hasn't left me in haze of rapture, and Avalon does not break that thread.  This is purple with an unfathomable electric intensity, flashes of voltage and sheer, sublime beauty.

Oh, and she's a bitch to photograph!   Yup, this is actually the 2nd time this week I'm wearing her.  The first time, because it was dark, I could only take photos under artifical light and she turned all bluey on me unless I stood in a room with lemon walls, but that made me look like I had jaundiced hands!  However, this Saturday morning, there was a glimmer of sunshine, and I prayed natural light would allow her to bloom - and it did!  Phew!

This reminds me a LOT of Cadbury's purple :)  Cadburys is THE leading UK chocolate brand, and has always draped itself in royal purple colours.   It also reminds me of Wet n Wild's Buffy The Violet Slayer - although the shades are different, they share that same electrical pulse and vibrancy.

So, the beautiful Avalon.   To be honest, whatever a-England polish you buy, you will NOT be disappointed.  They are all sensational, and I LOVE that they are all magical creatures too, they feel like they have been imbued with mystical qualities from the legends they represent.  A-England, truly a higher love.

Enjoy xx :)
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