Saturday, 25 February 2012

February Haul

Hi Goddesses

You may remember my amusing January no-buy haul.  Well, luckily in February I WASN'T on a no buy, and I have purchased wisely my friends.  Oh yes, wisely indeed.

Are you ready ?  Let's go :)

So, first up we have the China Glaze Prismatics which you've already seen on the blog.  Although they were super pretty, I just couldn't imagine wearing them very often, so they have now gone to a better home.  I did invest in re-buying one of them, Liquid Crystal.  It was the blue one, and by far the prettiest.  Everyone seems distinctly underwhelmed with them, which is a shame.

This month, I have invested a lot in independent polishes, mainly from Etsy.  They seem more unique, more cutting edge, and more in tune with what most of us are looking for.  The first set I am going to show is from Cult Nails.

Look !!  Look, how they get wrapped.   Swaddled, like little babies.  Oh, sooooo exciting. I have wanted to own this brand for so long, but when I first looked they didn't do international shipping, so I stopped lusting after them.  Now I find they do, (and probably have for ages knowing my luck) and I just couldn't wait to take advantage of that.

What you see above is The Inaugral Collection - Quench, Living Water, Iconic and My Kind of Cool Aid.   These came direct from polish heaven, I know they did.

From Etsy, and an amazing shop called All That Glitters come these .....

Can you believe ??!!!  Cha Cha Twist and Plum and Plummer.  I think CCT may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I have literally stroked the bottle today, so stunning is its beauty.  Here's a close-up.

You can buy from All That Glitters here.

Next we have Barielle, a brand I have loved for a long time.    Because I am dumb, I had no idea they had a UK website, until someone posted that all their polishes were half price, so these were all £4 each.

VERY excited to try these. - Falling Star, Polished Princess, Myrza's Meadow, Jess' Champagne Toast, Thrilling.

FINALLY, I get my hands on Fantasy Fire.  Seriously, I live in the UK, and I can't get a UK only polish ??!!  WTF.   So, thank you Kerrie.  Oh, I'll be posting my swatch of this this week - I did something verrrrry different with it to what you will have seen so far.

My Hollands, which I bought off eBay - Herring, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, Wooden Shoe, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Rotterdam and the unseen Vampsterdam.

My 2 prizes from polish bingo!  Another Party of 5 (I use it loads for frankening) and one of the Essence Vampire polishes.

12 metallic KleanColors, for stamping.

2 Lippmanns I've wanted for a while - Good Girl Gone Bad and Razzle Dazzle - I just stumbled across them at the right price.  That's called e-con-o-mis-ing :)

My first Bettinas :)  courtesy of a swap with my polish Momma, Elizabeth Stern.  The top 3 are older ones, 28, Iron and 47, and the bottom ones are from a recent collex - Boogie, Hustle and Hippie.

These also came from Momma.  They are my birthday present.  My birthday isn't til August, and neither is hers, but we were so excited with what we'd bought for each other, we decided to "accidentally" post them early.

Do you know what I really love about Models Own?  That the more you buy, the cheaper they are.  They have great discounts when you buy 5 or 7 polishes, so I always wait til I need to buy a few.  This is Mystic Mauve which has been out of stock for YEARS and Endamame, the only one I wanted from their Spring Collex.

Look at these - aren't they amazing ??  Mainstream glitter is FINALLY figuring out what we want.  Bee got these for me - Bronze Fest, My Superstar, and Sequins, which is the one I am most excited about.

OK.  So I love me some stamping, and the latest Ooooooh in the stamping world is coming from Cheeky plates.  Really awesome designs, made worse by them going out of stock really quicky.  So a lot of us have been stalking Amazon, and as soon as they came into stock (for all of about 48 hours) I ordered their 2012 set of 26 plates ..

and 3 of their large plates - A, B and D - they look to have some awesome designs on them.

And there you have it.  It's the Etsys and the Cult Nails I'm most excited about, plus all the ones that are still in transit to me.  My first Manglazes are on the way, my 12 HITS Flakies, LOTS of NerdLacquer AND Dollish Polish, some metallic LA Girls  .... aaah, it's all soooooo pretty :)

What's a girl to do ..... but I really do need more hands. Or at least more fingers.   Too many preciouses, so few nails!

Enjoy xx :)

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