Thursday, 16 February 2012

Holy Disco Biscuit !!

Hi Goddesses

Are you ready ??


This is Butter London's Disco Biscuit from their new Spring Collection and oh ... my oh my oh my.   I was lucky enough to get this from Lynciaaaaa my Secret Valentine, and lordy lordy lordy ....

I must be honest, I've really fallen out of love with pink as a polish colour.  When I first got back into polish, I had a few, and also those reddyish pinky brown colours.  And I don't use any of 'em.  Now, we must partly blame the blues for this.  Whereas I was once a red-pink-purple girl, lately I seem to have shifted to purple-blue-orange, and the pinks just got nudged out.   Which is a real dilemma as I own quite a lot of them.  Oops.

So, the first thing I need to say about this polish is HOW VERY MUCH I LOVE IT.  It's everything a pink should be - screamingly bright, and my fingers feel so long, glam and sexy :)

Look at this bottle shot - do you see how special she is ?   This is Disco Biscuit's secret power.  As well as being an amazing hothouse pink, she is home to a million baby blue twinkles!  Just look at them ... ah, bliss.   Depending on the light they flash, quite electrically, and they just take this polish to a whole other level.

There is only 1 problem with Disco Biscuit - she is amazingly sheer.   Even for a jelly, she's sher, but I guess she has to be gossamer thin for the blue twinklies to work.   

All the fingers are 3 coats, and there is STILL some VNL.   The middle finger is 3 coats on top of Zoya Dawn, which is almost a perfect match shade-wise, and even then I can still see VNL.

Anyway, she's lovely, she's sexy and she's mine mine mine.  Thank you Lyncia xx

Enjoy xx :)

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