Saturday, 11 February 2012

January Polish Haul

Hi Goddesses

So, you may remember I was on a no buy after Christmas because January is such a long month, and it IS important to be able to feed one's child.

So how'd that no-buy go for you, Crumpet?  CRAP.  Lol, take a look at this ......

Bargain of the Decade - Mad As A Hatter and Absolutely Alice for £6.49 each (about USD10).   Rude to resist, I think you'd agree.

Nail Mail from bestie Elizabeth Stern.  Nicky Minaj Metallic 4 Life, one of the Spoileds, and then lots of random cheap and pastel polishes I asked for.

Super bargain.  6 Nails Inc polishes for £14 - again, rude not to give these a deserving home.

Mmmmm yes.  Crumpet naughtiness of the highest degree.  I'd wanted these for a while.  £30 for 3.  Bit expensive.  But so nice.  Naughty Crumpet!

Because I don't have enough purples ..... Leighton Denny Rebel and Nails Inc Belgrave Place.  I seem to have found a sweet spot on eBay when most of the population is out having a life, and therefore expensive polishes sell REALLY cheaply.  These were bargains.  Honestly!

A super cheap eBay haul.  I wanted some SH Insta-Dris for stamping, and also picked up 2 Milanis.  So cheap they don't even count.  They don't count!

2 from Electropop - Sweet Hook, which I hate already (very sickly) and Kinetic Candy.  I've read that it's rude to not honour every new collection with at least 1 unnecessary / dupelomatic purchase.  N'est ce pas?

Ok, this is a swap so it DOES NOT COUNT, okay?  From the lovely Jewli, the infamous Essence stamping plate and 2 Catrices - Dirty Berry and Marilyn and Me.

3 Butter Londons.  Yeh, there's no explaining these away .....  Muggins, cos it's gorgeous, and Yummy Mummy and Bossy Boots partly for the names, and partly because I needed to stock up on pastels ready for the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge .... talking of which ....

Super pastel haul from eBay - all inexpensive, lush, and perfect for Spring manis.   I needed them for the Challenge, therefore they don't count.  I bought them cos I needed them, not because I lusted for them ..... honest.

Polish from friends doesn't count, even when money changes hands.  It's just being friendly.  This is After Party and Birthday Beyotch from Claires, from Beeeeeee.

5 LA Girl Glitter Addict polishes from Cheery Culture.  I was checking the website could be used from the UK .....

A few blues - again, they were bargains, which is practically the same as free polish ....

Marmalade and Dreamsicle - I was forced into buying these by Elizabeth Stern.  And yes ok I love them and will wear them, but forced, I tell you, forced!

3 China Glazes .... they were a set !!   They had to be kept as a family .....

2 more pastels for the Spring Challenge, and therefore for artistic purposes ..... whistles ......

2 Oh-zotics .... is it bad to say I had forgotten these were on the way ?  I paid for these in 2011 so they technically don't violate the No Buy agreement.

2 stamping plates from Aline Vasconcellos, a member of our stamping group, Adventures In Stamping.  So, I was being supportive, therefore not a purchase, nope, not at all.

So, yeh, my No Buy went REALLY well ...... and if you think this is bad, shit, wait til you see what February's brought me so far ....... naughty Crumpet, naughty!

Enjoy xxx  :)

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