Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lilac Flowers - Adventures In Stamping

Hi Goddesses

Yeh, I'm not really sure WHAT I had in mind when I did this, only that it would turn out nicer :(

I have LOVED the pattern on the BM203 plate for ages, and decided to stamp that over 2 coats of Butter London Mmmmmuggins, but I think the mistake came in my choice of stamping polish - Julep Alfre.  Damn you, Alfre!

To be fair, the photos look better than the real life version which is just really MEH and made worse by the vibrancy of the Milani Purple glitter I put in the middle (thanks Yez).   Maybe if I'd gone for a similar toned centre, like OPI Parlez Vous OPI, it would have looked more congruent.

Wow, how posh are we, using a word like that in a blog post!!

So, yeh, distinctly underwhelmed, which is a shame.  Might have to redo it properly :)  Cos I do love this stamp - is it a flower, or are they cogs?  Dunno, but what a waste :(

Enjoy - meh xx 
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