Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ludurana Flocado - Flash .... a-haaaaaaaaa

Hi Goddesses

Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeee, couldn't resist :)

Today we have another flakiefest, this time a Ludurana polish called Flash (a-haaaaaa).   I got this from Llarowe, and it was a super bargain - just $7.   The website describes this as "a clear jelly base with gold, copper/red, blue, green and turquoise flakies".    I bought it because it sounded like a rainbow in a bottle, and whilst I can't even SEE half these colours on my nail, this is proving to be one of my favourite flakie purchases of late.

The first stop for this was over Barry M Block Orange when I did my Zebras Go To Funkytown post.  I LOVE this !!!  It's just sooooo electric.  I see this and think "electric pineapple" lol - it's just so aciiiiiiiiiiiiid :)  This is a super smiley combo, and I can see me returning to this LOTS during the summer.

On the other hand I did a skittle, and it wasn't til I'd done all the nails that I realised it was such a dark and twisted skittle lol.

The nails - 
thumb - Barry M Vivid Purple
index - Essie - School of Hard Rocks
Middle - CG First Mate
ring - CG Traffic Jam
pinkie - OPI - Black Onyx

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!  It looks possibly even more amazing in real life than it does in the photos, and there's not a single combination that doesn't look stunning.

The real winners for me are the purple and the pink which just look awesome.  The electricity of Flash just takes them both to another level.

I also love the acid brightness of the flakie against the more muted colours I've used it over - an unexpected win.

So, even though I can't see half the colours I'm supposed to, I'm still totally loving this.

Enjoy xx  :)
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