Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Valentines

Hi Goddesses

I'm going to try and keep this one short because it's just a Valentine's mani.

For this one I used my beloved CG Traffic Jam and stamped with CG Snow.  I was playing with this new stamping plate ....

.... and to be honest, she was a little tricky to use!  I used this plate for a couple of designs (I'll post the other one later), and I found it to be smudgier than other ones I've used.  I'm not a stamping expert, so it could be my poor technique, but you can see on the little hearts near the tip of the nail that I'd get bits of polish pool in one area of the design.  

I was then a VERY brave Crumpet and attempted a bit of desmudging with a Q-Tip and some polish remover.   I managed to clean up the worst of it without ruining the design, but some of the edges are still a bit mushy.

I ended up double stamping the double heart on the middle finger because the first transfer just wasn't opaque enough - luckily, I think the design lets me get away with it.

So there you go ... not perfect.  A bit like me!!

Enjoy xx :)
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