Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Crumpety Things

Hi Goddesses

Sorry I've been a bit quiet the last few days - I have had a nasty pukey bug which hasn't been very fun.

Howeverrrrr, things in Crumpetland are still ambling along, so I wanted to update you on a few things.

The Giveaway - have you entered ?  If not, click here to win a bottle of OPI Mad As A Hatter.  Oh and tell all your friends too :)

Secondly, I have a lovely new background and header courtesy of Jamie at Nails Adored.  I love it - it's so cheerful.  No doubt I'll get bored of it soon, but it's certainly appropriate for Spring to Summer.

Talking of Spring, have you been following the Spring Challenges - there are some great ladies taking part - see the bottom of this post for details.

Pinterest - for those of you who haven't yet explored it, Pinterest is perhaps my favourite social media invention.  EVER.  It's like a pinboard, on the web!  I love it!!  Best of all, a couple of times a week, I update mine with my nail art, and the best art I see amongst my blogger friends so one of these links is a great source of inspiration, and the other is good for a laugh lol!

My stash!   I spent the weekend counting and categorising my polishes.  This taught me -

* I have over 600 polishes
* I have a LOT of purples
* I have a lot of polishes I am unlikely to wear or haven't worn for a whole year
* I have a lot of similar polishes

However, I do now slightly feel in control of my stash, rather than my stash being in control of me.  It was also really interesting (hey, I'm a geek) to see some of those babies again and it gave me a LOT of ideas for comparison posts AND ....

That leads me on to one of my newest features.  There will shortly be a tab at the top of this here blog called OVER TO YOU.   Oh, what's Over To You, Crumpet?  Well, Over To You is your chance to tell me what you'd like to see on the Crumpet, or give me any feedback.   

* Dying to know how 2 polishes compare?  Post it on that page

* Wondering what certain combos or patterns look like ?  Post it there.

* Want to set me a challenge ?   Post it there.

* Got any other great ideas ?  Post it there!

Wow, we can be like *interactive* lol.

Whatever you're doing, enjoy the rest of the week :) xxxx

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