Saturday, 4 February 2012



Hi Goddesses

Just because I love you, today sees the start of my Absolutely Alice Giveaway.  (It runs until Valentine's Day)

This isn't connected to followers in any way, it's just because I found a much lusted after polish at an insanely reasonable price, and when I thought who I would give it to, realised it would be impossible to choose.  So the masterpiece that is will do the choosing for me!

I was going to swatch one nail to show you how this looked, but Jodi at Captivating Claws did a brilliant post on it just this week, so here's her picture and a few of her words ----

Absolutely Alice has a zillion pieces of blue glitter in a clear base with a few specks of beautiful golden glitter scattered about.  It's such a stunningly pretty blue! 

There's not a lot to do in this Giveaway, but I am genuinely interested in your feedback.  Doing The Crumpet takes quite a lot of my time, and I love it, but when I look at other blogs who use only 1 or 2 photos and about a 1/10th of the words I do, I wonder whether I've got the balance right, so please take the time if you can to let me know in the "Thoughts" section whether you like The Crumpet as it is, or whether it could benefit from some tweaks.

Good luck everyone :) xxx

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