Saturday, 18 February 2012

OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam

Hi Goddesses

Yay, I finally got my giant-sized paws on the Hollands!  It's one of the things that really bugs me about OPI actually, that they do the press release about 3 years before the polish comes out.  Someone like me, well I'm usually bored by then and on to the next shiny thing, so you be careful you big conglomerate, you!

And actually, because I've seen sooooo many swatches, I feel like I've owned this forever.  Which is a shame, because this is a real lush of a polish, and it would have been so much more wow to be able to buy this 3 months ago.

As you'll have seen a lot of posts on this by now, I'll try and make this a little different.

5 Key Facts

* this is the lighter of the 2 blue shimmery Hollands
* this is infested with the lightest gold shimmer - like fairy sparkle
* someone on PAA mentioned the other night that they didn't think the Hollands were as opaque as OPIs usually are.  I disagreed, but after it had been on half an hour, I decided I DID need a 3rd coat after all - hhhmmm, make of that what you will
* this is sufficiently different to Zoya Skylar that you can justify owning both
* from a distance this is a lovely milky blue-gray.  Really ladylike, serene and calming

I really like this.  Actually, it really reminds me of Pam Heil's Stormy Skies, which I blogged here - the only real difference is that the shimmer is more structured in this one, but if you own Pam's polish, don't bother buying this as well.

I had some tip shrinkage with this, and wondered whether I'd been a bit of a muppet, but after trying Herring as well, it seems this is an issue with these polishes - that post will be up shortly and will give you  more info.

For now, enjoy xx :)  
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