Wednesday, 22 February 2012

OPI - I Have A Herring Problem

Hi Goddesses

I've been cooing about this polish ever since I first saw snaps of it, plus it has a cool OPI name that makes me smile.

Once on, actually, I was disappointed, and I'm going to launch straight into why.  This polish shrinks.  Shrinks.   Look - here is a horrible photo of it at 1 coat.  You can see on about 3 digits and especially the thumb, exactly what I mean.    Now, I might tolerate that from a cheap brand, but from OPI I expect better.

I'd had the same problem with Rotterdam, and just put it down to me being careless, or that it didn't like my base coat or Poshe, but when I put Herring on, it literally receded before my eyes, like time lapse photography of a balding man's hairline.    I asked the girls in PAA, and Kelly mentioned she'd seen the same on The Polishaholic's nails.  And it's true.  If you check out her review of the Hollands, although she doesn't specifically mention it, you can see there are major shrinkage issues with the blues.

So, WTF?   As I said, I cannot believe that a brand like OPI, which is usually so reliable, would allow this to happen.  OPI goes on easier than almost any other polish, and it NEVER causes issues.   I don't know what happened, but curiously, someone else remarked that they thought the formula was thinner than normal OPIs, and although I disagreed at first, I now do agree completely - maybe that's where the shrinkage is coming from.  Maybe they thinned the perfect formula too far.

So anyway, all I'm going to say is this - buy Zoya Skylar instead.  They are almost identical, and the Zoya doesn't shrink.   If you're still not convinced, wait for the comparison post.

Maybe I have a faulty bottle - I hope yours isn't giving you the same problems mine is.

Enjoy xx  :/
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