Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ozotic 520 - Fire !!!! (and a little but of 530)

Hi Goddesses

Are you ready?  Are you SURE you're ready ??  This is a big one - lots of photos.  Ready ... steady ..... go!

Ozotic 520 is a reddy orange duochrome.  It slides on in thin layers, goes opaque in 3, looks vaguely metallic and burns like lava.   There's occasionally a slimey green tinge to it just as the orange bends away, but mostly this sits in copper-bronze territory.

It's quite a bewitching polish.  Let's face it, which of us hasn't worn a duochrome and just sat there bending our fingers to see what happens lol.  As you'd expect, this is at its most fabulous in sunlight, and so I didn't get to appreciate all of it until this morning, when we've had a brief flash of sun.

This is the pure colour of autumn - those leaves, that New England quality.  It's rich, it's shiny, it bends - it's everything a duochrome should be.

My friend Elizabeth also has a bottle of this, and she wore hers over black to get more effect.  I have to say, I think you get more than enough bend WITHOUT underwear, but that didn't stop me experimenting.

So, for all the photos coming up now, you will see the same 3 fingers in the same order.   

* The left finger is wearing 2 coats of Revlon Streetwear in Tangy (a dark intense orange) and then 1 coat of 520
* middle finger has 3 coats of 520
* and because I didn't want to wear black, I picked a dark burgundyish colour - OPI Can You Tapas This

The first thing to say is that the photos don't do this justice.  In some lights, the underwear made no difference at all, except to make the colours more intense.  In other lights, the Tapas version especially took on a life of it's own, turning a fabulous chestnut colour.

A few of these photos look quite samey - the main reason I am sharing them though is so that you can see how much bend there is.

And then, FINALLY, we have those same 3 fingers, now with an additional layer of magic - Ozotic 530.   

In the bottle, this looks like a trapped rainbow on fire - lots of orange, some green, a flash of blue.  Look at it on the nail!!!  Pure sparks of fire!

Love love love.

If you haven't yet invested in any Ozotics, seriously, do it.  Do you really need another OPI or 5 more Sally Hansens, or is it worth saving up for one bottle of pure magic ?

Enjoy xx :)

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