Saturday, 4 February 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy SPRING CHALLENGE

Hi Goddesses

Who's up for a SPRING CHALLENGE ??

The Purple Crumpet Fairy is proud to bring you a 2 month challenge, which has been designed not only to look gorgeous but also to ward off the exhaustion of these challenges.  So although it's 2 months long, you have some blank / free days, and there's also the chance to recycle some of your manis and thus cut down on stress.

You DON'T have to do every day of the Challenge, but there are a few Rules -
* you should always post the challenge relevant to the day you are posting on.  If you get behind, don't worry, still post, but please don't post a challenge that is in advance
* you MUST be a member of the Purple Crumpet Fairy - just click here to join

So there you go - we start on the 14th, so there's plenty of time to start prepping and get ahead of yourself.  Having survived a 31 Day Challenge, I would impart the following ahem "wisdom" -
* plan it out - know what is coming up on which days and what you plan to do for most of them.  A lot of the stress comes from going "OMG I don't know what to do"
* recycle manis wherever possible - this means prepping some of them out of order.  In the 31 Day Christmas Challenge I did 3 manis out of order just to keep the same angel on my thumb
* get ahead when you can- use the weekend if possible to prep your manis or your posts - the Challenges only become really stressful if you get behind
* with this one, because you don't have to do EVERY challenge, if you do get behind, save yourself the stress and just skip forward to the mani you SHOULD be on now, we won't mind
* you'll hopefully notice that I tried to place the harder challenges - eg water marbling - at the weekend, so that you've got more time
* use the 2 weeks before the Challenge starts wisely :)

Remember, this is first and foremost about having fun, so don't stress yourself out.  Everybody in the Group will be sharing your feelings and we are all really supportive if you hit a creative block :)

See you on the 14th xxxx
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