Sunday, 5 February 2012

Purple Nail Mail ? Yez! Yez!! Yez !!!

Hi Goddesses

So, I put myself on a no buy in January, as it is a verrrrrry long month.  However, swapping DOES NOT count as buying because you're buying for someone else, and even though you are receiving, it's all been for the other person's benefit, not yours.  Capice ?

Swapping DOES NOT COUNT.  Lol.  I had been looking forward to this swap for weeks, with the lovely Yez from PAA.  It started with me offering to get her a couple of blues, and her offering to get me a couple of polishes, and before we knew it, I had 10 blues to send her and she had 19, yes 19, polishes to send back to me :)

What was even more exciting was that she had just gone round scooping up all manner of purples for me !!  Purplishes, come to momma !!  And, I don't know how she did it (bearing in mind I have over 150 purplishes) but out of all the ones she bought me, only 2 were duplicates !  Now is that magic or what :)

So this is what I got .....

2 amazingly dark Confetti polishes - Happy Birthday! and Pop The Cork Purple

3 glittery polishes - a Milani nail art pen in purple outline, a WnW Spoiled in Papa-Paparazzi and SH Gems in Lady Luck.

6 Sally Hansens - Plum Power, Purple Pulse, Purple Potion, Lilac Chantilly, Grape Going! and DVD.   I *think* I already have one of the Xtreme wears, but I'm not honestly sure (how bad is that lol).

Then we have Wet n Wild Disturbia which looks UHMAZIN, Milani 3D in Hi Res (which I have, but it's fine as I can now use 1 of them for frankening), an unnamed but INSANE Cosmetic Arts blurple, Milani Neon in Rad Purple and a ickle bitty SH Girl (how cute is that bottle !!)

And finally .... the most excitingest part of all .... the 3 Zoyas I was lusting after - Tru, Skylar and Lotus.  I literally cannot wait to wear these.

So, didn't I do well.  I wanted to do this as a separate post partly as a thank you to Yez, because it is perhaps the most exciting swap package ever, but also because I am still unsure how someone could buy me 14 purples I DO NOT HAVE !!!  Awesome, and THANK YOU xxxxx

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