Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sponged Lilac Jigsaw

Hi Goddesses

I know, I know, the title's a bit clunky, but it's the evening, I'm getting droooooopy, and I have so much catarrh I feel like I'm gonna THROW .... so the title's fine, ok ?

Lol.  I ordered 2 beyond cool stamping plates from Aline Vasconcelos and the one I was most itching to use was this one, the jigsaw.  How come no one has thought of this pattern before ??  It's just beyond cool, I love it.

In our stamping group, Adventures In Stamping, I have seen a whole new level of stamping I never knew existed.  Since I first met Konad the Barbarian, I've pretty much wet myself if I've gotten the stamp onto the nail, but noooooo there is stamping over gradients, multi coloured stamping, matte stamping.  Arrrrggghhh the list goes on!

Anyway, I am super loving this mani.  This is various shades of lilac sponged with OPI Planks A Lot and OPI Sparrow Me The Drama and a little bit of Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bewjeweled.   This actually looked a little pinker in real life, but not to worry.

I then stamped with SH Insta-Dri in Purple Bolt - FABULOUS to stamp with dahling - and voila :0  One super happy Crumpet, nails that I adore and a mani I don't want to take off cos I'm so flaming chuffed with it.

Hurrah !!

Enjoy xxx :)
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