Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Spring Challenge Day 2 - Spring Pink

Hi Goddesses

A short and simple post today as I have lots of nail art ahead of me.

My Spring Pink is OPI Sparrow Me The Drama - it's pretty much perfect - creamy, smooth, elegant, not too girlie, 2 coats ...  Just ... Goldilocks perfection.

When the Pirates Collection came out last year, I bought the whole set and sold the ones I didn't like, including this one.  It kept coming back to haunt me tho, and hard though I tried, I couldn't find the "perfect" pale pink anywhere else.   So I ended up buying it again (and yes, you have heard this type of story many times before lol).

So here it is in all it's lovely creamy goodness.  Like all of the Pirates, it's beauty comes from the fact it is built on a cream rather than a white, which is what gives it the amazing "pearl" quality and lack of sickliness.

I don't like many pinks these days, but this is probably the one I would be most loathe to part with - can't say fairer than that :)

Enjoy xx  :)
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