Friday, 17 February 2012

Spring Challenge Day 3 - small Flowers

Hi Goddesses

Well, most of us had a rest day yesterday and today features a lot of grooviness - small flowers.

I am SUPER pleased with how this turned out.  Psyched.  Stoked.  Wowed.  Impressed by myself lol.   This may be my best stamping effort yet.  AND there's freehand art that looks like it was done by someone older than a toddler!!

The base for this was 2 coats of Butter London BOSSY BOOTS, a super gorgeous, super creamy pastel green.   The white is Konad white, and the yellow is OPI The It Color, an obnoxious egg yolk yellow.

The 4 main nails were stamped using Mash19.   You can also get this pattern on other plates, but the Mash one was the smallest, which tied it in with the small flowers theme.  I then used a dotting tool with the yellow to create the daisy centres.

The thumb couldn't be stamped - mine is too wide for a lot of patterns, and whilst I could have made it a flower bed, I didn't think of that at the time grrrr.  So instead I went freehand, and I LOVE the results.

Super simple - a medium dotting tool. White polish.  5 dots roughly in a circle and one yellow splodge in the middle.  Ta.  And Dah.

I am amazed they look so perfect actually - this is the first time I've managed to space something like this equally, and boy does it make a difference.

Super in love with this, but grrrrr gotta take it off and do another mani ..... Next!

Enjoy xx

PS and now Helen over at Nail Newbie has done the same but better - I hate her.

PPS - here is the list of everyone on the the challenge - it's still not too late to join us - just click on the Purple Crumpet Fairy logo on the RHS of my page :)

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