Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spring Challenge Day 4 - Spring Water Marble

Hi Goddesses

I cannot even begin to share with you how much pain this water marble has caused me.  This is actually Take 3.

Ready for some "humour"?   Knock yourself out at this - 

Take 1.   Polish will not spread.   Under any circumstances.   Crumpet stamps feet.  Polish still doesn't spread.  We try tap water, cold water, warm water, filter water.   For crying out loud it's the same water I always use !!  But no joy depsite major tantrumage.

It was beyond bad.   So bad I didn't even take any photos bad.   That bad!   I don't know if the water was too cold, or the air temp too cold, or maybe the different brands just didn't want to play together.  I dunno.  It bugged the crap out of me though.

Take 2.   Later in the evening, all OPI.   Better, but not brilliant.  Seems the water prefers the plastic cup to the glass.  Go figure.   2 nails look good.  This sucks, but that's a 40% improvement on Take 1.

The fact that I hate it doesn't matter at all.  Noooooo.  It's not even springlike, is it?

Take 3.   Aarrrggghhhh!!!  Filtered water, heated for 20 seconds in the microwave, maybe this will help the polish spread.  OPIs only - Sparrow Me The Drama, Planks a Lot and Mermaid's Tears.   3 drops, 3 rings = hurrah.   4th drop = **** all.  Aaaarrrghhhhh.

I don't get it, I just DON'T get it.   It's the same water!!!!!  So, this is what we end up with - 1 nail, the thumb, where I just kept dropping the polish in.  Because it wouldn't spread, the polish ends up thicker than my thighs, and yo, what an interesting mush colour I've created.

Nails index and middle I always do together, and these sort of work as I do bigger drops and tilt the cup to try and stretch the bullseye.

Nails ring and pinkie - pah!   We're back to no spreading, so after 2 rounds of drops, I start stretching the bullseye with my tooth pick, to give the rest of the drops a head start.  It "sort" of works, but there's so much spreading going on that it makes the pattern super fine .... and VERY intermingled.

And do you know what?  I cannot be ARSED to try another.  Water marbles, foxtrot oscar in THAT direction, and leave me alone to sulk.  I don't even care that my cuticles look like they've been ravaged by a starving dog.   Bugger off!

Finally, if you've any experience with this same problem, I'd love to hear from you.  I'm by no means a water marbling genius, but I can do them.   I just need the chuffing polish to spread.

Crumpet.  Seriously dischuffed.

Pah xx :(
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