Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spring Challenge - Pink Polka Dots

Hi Goddesses

How are you?  Are you enjoying the Challenge?  There's some great bloggers taking part (see the list at the bottom) and you can still join in by clicking the Purple Crumpet Fairy link on the right.

This Challenge was designed to be an easy one, as you could just dot over whatever you wore for Your Favourite Spring Pink.  Amusingly, I think we all ended up going for something completely new !!

I did this on top of my beloved Butter London Disco Biscuit (which you can see in her solo glory here).    I used 3 pinks of various colours - CG Traffic Jam, CC In Bloom (the base for my Candy Shop dupe fact fans) and OPI Steady As She Rose.

I started with the darker dots on all the nails, then added the other 2, and then wen back and added some random ones in various colours on top to give it a less structured feel.   

It's not perfect, but I will definitely returning to this again as it's simple and it's soooo cheerful !!  You can't fail to be happy with this mani on your paws :)

Enjoy xx :)

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