Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring Challenge - Spring Clean - OPI - Vampsterdam

Hi Goddesses

Today's Spring Challenge is to have a Spring Clean, and set to one side the polishes you are unlikely to wear before September.  Unfortunately this absolute belter falls into that category.

It's interesting - this is gorgeous, sublime, OPI at it's best, but a Spring colour it sure ain't.  It has a KILLER name and the colour is lushness of the highest order, but really, what's it doing in a Spring Collection ?

Frankly, I almost don't care, because it is sooooooo beautiful.  However, the part of me that DOES care is miffed because it feels like it will be ages before it feels right to wear this colour - this has autumn written ALL over it.

Vampsterdam is a fabulous colour.  I'm going to call it damson.  It's definitely not purple - too much red and brown going on - but it's also not burgundy - too dark for that and not warm enough either .... so, damson.

This is a few parts burgundy, a few parts dark chocolate, a splidge of cream and a splash of metallic shimmer, in short, a devillishly dark soup for the gothic soul.

This is one of those classic shades OPI do so well - think Black Cherry Chutney, Give Me Moor - and I really like it.  It's a sign of my current obsessions that I'm looking at it thinking how AMAZING it would look with silver stamped over it lol (and it DID, I'll show you later in the week).

I also think this harks back to vampires - it's like biting into forbidden fruit and seeing what trickles down your chin. Ooooooh so dark.  Yum!

Can you see how silky and shiny and mmmmmm this polish is ?   Seriously, look at the texture in some of the photos - it's like a bath of chocolate-maroon stuff.  Oh and honestly, this is so sexual I don't know whether to wear it or lick it.

This is gothically gorgeous, darkly divine and fiendishly fabulous - I can see me wearing this for days on end come the winter.

It's almost too sexy for its own good.

Enjoy xx :)
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