Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring Challenge - Unicorn Day - Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

Hi Goddesses

Today is a special day.  February 29th - we only see it once every 4 years.  Man, I always wanted to be born on Feb 29th.  But then, I love anything special and rare, which meant there was only 1 thing I was going to choose for today's mani .....

Well, it took a long time but I FINALLY got my hands on Fantasy Fire thanks to one of my nail BFFs Kerrie.   Every post I've seen of it has been over purple, and reluctantly I decided to pass up purple and see what it looked like over something different.

Step forward Zoya Dakota, one of my favourite reds.  This is deep and ruby coloured - nicely dark but still red.  Looks like blood.  I love this red :)

So 2 coats of Dakota and 1 layer of FF later and oh, colour me disappointed.  The red had turned to chestnut (very nice) and had zillions of sparkly dots on it (also very nice) but ... but ... no colour change.  Gorgeous vampire nails, yes.  Holy molies ?  Nope, nada, none at all.

I bitched and moaned for a while, wondering whether this was why everyone had posted it over purple, because it's the only frigging colour it works on!  Sufficiently dischuffed, I went downstairs to make a biiiiiig glass of Snowball and .... holy halogen miracle!  Look at what the kitchen lights did!

Wow, look at all that fire .... and sparkle .... and greenish glow (not loving the green tinge, it makes it look like it's rotting).    Ooooooh. God bless those halogens.

The next morning, even daylight made it sparkle - it seems FF plays hard to get :)

I really like the subtlety of this.  I'm tempted to try it over all sorts of colours now, but it's such a tiddly bottle, I'm scared to.   Despite living in England, I still cannot find this polish lol.  That's what you get for living in the countryside!

Enjoy xx  :)
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