Sunday, 5 February 2012

Spring Lilacs Comparison

Hi Goddesses

A super light and frothy post for you today, comparing most of the lovely lilacs I own.

Because I only have 10 fingers, this post does not include the following -

* OPI Planks A Lot - go here
* Leighton Denny - Supermauva - go here
* or my favourite lilac of all, Crumpet's version of Rebecca Likes Cupcakes - go here
* Zoya Caitlin - go here
* Sally Hansen Delphinium - go here

Some of these lilacs are genius and amongst my fave polishes - certainly the 5 above are - and then others have been bought for art /effects.  Some of them I would never wear on their own (too light for me) and others I have been disappointed with once I actually got them.  Either way, I'm sure there's a lilac here for everybody!

So, let's start with the left hand - 

* thumb - CG Sweet Hook from the Electropop Collection.
In the bottle this is sugary light.  On the nail, it's a beat darker, and that's just enough for me to turn it from light to sickly.   It comes out quite lilacy-pink on the nail - a colour I personally detest.   Colour me disappointed.

* index - Butter London Muggins
A recent purchase, which I bought to wear on its own, as a palate cleanser.  This is much greyer and bluer in base, and I really like that a lot.  It gives it a "fluffy clouds" vibe which appeals to me.  LIKEY.

* middle - Essence Surfer Babe - Hang Loose
This had its original post here.   It's a very soft lilac, almost nude, as delicate as a baby, and utterly beautiful.  It looks very pinky beige compared to the others, but that's purely the comparison effect - this is definitely lilac.  LIKEY.

* ring - Color Club - Secret Rendezvous
I bought this as a gradient colour, and it's just as well because again, for me, this is nothing to write home about.  Pinky lilac, slightly sickly, but not as dark as Sweet Hook.  Useful, but not essential.

* pinkie - Saly Hansen Mystic Lilac
You can read the original post here (actually one of my favourite posts).  This is a grungey lilac and it's sooooo out of kilter with the others lol.   Again, the comparison is making this look a different colour to what it truly is, but this is a murkey based lilac with green flecks.  Very unique and very thumbs up.

The Right Hand

* thumb - SH Lacey Lilac
For me, this was the base of my Crumpet Likes Cupcakes post.  This is thick rich lavender creme.  Great for gradients.

* index - China Glaze Agent Lavender
Another blue / grey toned lavender, this is similar to Muggins, but is lighter. This is a nice colour on its own, or a great gradient colour.  Like.

* middle - Zoya Marley
I've never totally loved this since I bought it, and comparing it to the others, it becomes a little clearer why.  This is another with a pinkier tone, which just doesn't sit right next to my skin.  This is quite muted though, so it's less garish than Sweet Hook or Secret Rendezvous.

* ring - Essie - Nice Is Nice
One of the first I bought, and this has always been a disappointment, mainly because the Essie formula is so thin.  Colourwise, this is another that's more of a nude, but it stands up well next to the other lilac sisters.  It's moved from meh to undecided now.

* pinkie - A-England Guinevere
You can read the original post here.  Still sublime, divine and other words that rhyme.  Perfect greigey lilac.  Although you have to lol at how the comparisons makes it look as dark as Kelly (it isn't even halfway that dark in real life lol).

So which is your favourite ?  I think what surprises me most about this post is that even though they are all essentially the same colour, they are all slightly different.  Maybe this will help explain to those normal people why we don't own any dupes lol.

Enjoy xxx  :)

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