Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stamping - It's An Evolution!

Hi Goddesses

Some of you may remember that one of my goals for this year was to become a Stamping Goddess.  Now, I am not there yet, but I am certainly better than I was, more confident AND more adventurous.

This blog post is in praise of Adventures In Stamping.  It's a Facebook Group I created just before Christmas which now has over 300 members and which has just been one of the most unexpectedly brilliant things that has happened to me in the last year.   Wanna know why ?

10 Reasons Adventures In Stamping Rocks

1.  It is filled with some AWESOME ladies, who are not only brilliant, but supportive.  Initially I thought 1 or 2 people might want to pool misery stories - I did NOT expect the holy awesomeness we've ended up with.

2.  the group is international - I've made friends with and become aware of the nail art of literally dozens of ladies I would never have "met" before - thank you.

3.  the ladies in the group take stamping to a new level.  Did you know you can stamp on multi-coloured bases or use more than 1 colour or more than 1 stamp to stamp with??  There's a WHOLE new world out there.

4.  the group has a great mix - from people looking to get into stamping, to nervous amateurs to old pros.  What's great is that everyone wants each other to do well

5.  We share.  That means all our knowledge, our tips, our hints, our tricks, what works, what doesn't work - such a wealth of experience in this group

6.  We have our own pimps.  Seriously.  We have some dangerous enablers in our group who tempt us with new products and amazing new plates.  They're wicked, aren't they?  But we wouldn't have them stop, don't dare stop!!

7.  Had you ever heard of Cheeky, DRK, Chez Delaney before this group?  I hadn't.  Turns out stamping plates aren't just made by Konad and Bundle Monster, there's LOADS of brands out there, and Sarah Smith owns them all!

8.  these ladies inspire me.  Every day someone does something that takes my breath away

9.  It's like a living, breathing  Got an obscure stamping question ?   Someone in the group (usually Sarah) will know the answer.  It's a great resource.

10.  And finally, it's such FUN.  Stamping Rocks, especially if, like me, you can't draw without scaring the pencils.  Stamping allows you to do things with your nails you never even dreamed of.

Oh, and we ALWAYS Stamp On Sundays.

This blog post is a thank you to the ladies who help make my life what it is - thank you to each and every one of you, for your camaraderie, for your enabling, for your advice, and for even "liking" the photos that suck.

Salut !

(If you want to join in, click here).
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