Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stamping Sunday - 3 Colours

Hi Goddesses

I'm in Stamping Hell at the moment.  I STILL haven't played with all my new plates and then, to top it all, my Cheeky 2012 set arrived this week, along with 3 large Cheeky Plates (you can see them in my haul post here).   However, because I am brain deep in the Spring Challenge, I'm not getting chance to play with them, which means that when I DOOOOO, such as today, there are Too Many Ideas screaming in my head.  Arrrggghhh lol.

So today's challenge was 3 colours.  You can do anything you want, as long as it's 3 colours.    I did the perfect mani on Thursday - lovely gradient, then stamping - and then ruined it by adding a 4th polish, a glitter topcoat.  Hence why this post is so late.

All I could think of today was "colour clash" - some sort of sponging or combination that matched, yet also clashed.  Eventually I settled on a paleish blue and a dark pink - Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream which is *almost* opaque in 1 coat, and CG Its Poppin, a fabulous fuschia.

I sponged the Its Poppin on with an eyeshadow applicator, and love the "splodge" shape I ended up with, a bit like an ink blot.   Here's a shot of how it looked before the stamping (sorry for the bad lighting) - good enough that I would try this again.

I then used Cheeky Plate B and my trusty Barry M silver foil (of the crisp butter fame).  I wanted a stamping pattern that was pretty but which allowed the pattern of the pink to shine through - I think I got the balance just about right.

Loving this a lot actually, it's really vibrant.   Oh and the Cheeky plates ?  Awesome for big nails, awesome!   In fact, I love this so much I'd like to keep it on, but more Springery Challengery awaits.  More quality time with the pukey pastels.

Enjoy the vibrant colours while you can!   xxx :)
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