Friday, 10 February 2012

THAT'S More Like It !! Black Knight franken

Hi Goddesses

Sometime waaaaay back in November, I posted Butter London The Black Knight (here) and I was, to put it mildly, a little disappointed.  I just didn't like how black the base was, and how it was nowhere near as purple as the publicity shots.   

Amusingly, it's still one of my Top 5 most viewed posts, which just goes to show I was in the minority lol, but ever since, I've been meaning to franken it with a PURPLE base, so that it looks as good as it always did in my head.

The recipe for this is beyond simple.  Take half a bottle of a purple of your choice (Color Club Electronica) and add at least the same quantity again of Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink.  Shake.  Rattle.   Rollllllll it between your palms (yeh, see what I did there) and then shake it again.

This looks GAWGEOUS in the bottle, although I have NO idea where the blue specks came from - have they been in the SH all along without my knowing ???

There's TONS of sparkle on the nail, flashes of blue and pink and every colour in between. I used Gelous as my top coat to shine it up a bit, otherwise it dries quite flat.

So ... side by side, which do YOU prefer ?

Enjoy xxx  :)
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