Tuesday, 6 March 2012

And The Winner Is .....

Hi Goddesses

I have a winner for my OPI Mad As A Hatter Giveaway .....

Her name is .......  Yvonne Shisley.   I've never come across Yvonne or her blog before, but I'm glad I have.  It looks like she either makes her own polishes or has lots of friends who do - some really nice colours and finishes.  You can visit her at http://thebroadstroke.blogspot.com/

I'm also excited because today the blog hit 600 Followers which is awesome, and I am THRILLED with all the lovely things you had to say when you entered the Giveaway.   I may not be the biggest or the best blog out there, but it was really heart-warming that so many of you appreciate it for the mix of polish and madness that it is.

Don't forget you can always comment - the captures are turned off now - and you can make suggestions on the Over To You tab at the top.

I've got lots of cool things planned, including Indie Week, Easter (as part of the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge) and some AWESOME new polishes.   Remember my January no-buy haul ?  This haul has been so big I am going to have to POST IT IN 2 HALVES!  That's right.   I think at last count there were 90 polishes posting their way to me .....

Naughty Crumpet.
But naughty is such fun !!

Enjoy xx :)  And thanks for ALL your support and encouragement so far (but be warned, there be lambs coming, and they are baaaaaaa-d lol).


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