Saturday, 31 March 2012

Butter London - BOSSY BOOTS

Hi Goddesses

So as it's Spring I've been on a bit of a pastel kick, and then I saw this, and let's face it, how could someone like meeee resist a polish called Bossy Boots ?

Not. At. All.  That's how.   I don't know why I am falling in love with greens either, but this is truly lovely.

This is a lovely creamy creme.  It glides on like Butter, and covers beautifully in 2 coats.   It's super glossy, although I did also put Poshe over this.

I love that the base is cream rather than white, making it less stark than some other minty greens.  Seriously, this is just delish.

It reminds me a lot of OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.  Just like them, on the nail, this shines like a pearl.  It's super classy, instantly elegant and a real winner.

Enjoy xx :)
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