Sunday, 11 March 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Sweet Dreams

Hi Goddesses

Beth, my daughter, is (as some of you know) an aspiring nail goddess.   She paints her own nail wheels, occasionally does my mani for me, and has an eye for picking out awesome colour combinations.  So I don't know why I dismissed her first reaction to Sweet Dreams -

Beth - "Oh, is that really a Lippmann, I didn't expect that."
Crumpet - "Why's that darling ?"
Beth - "Well, usually Deborah Lippmanns are wow and amazing and this one isn't."

Now, first of all, I had to allow myself a little chuckle that she had such an educated opinion and clearly knew what she was talking about, but then then I decided we just had a difference of opinion, as I have seen a lot of awesome swatches of this polish.

Well, one mani later, and I'm probably agreeing with Beth.  Here's why - amazing in the bottle, not so much on the nail.   

So, here's the bottle shot.  A wonderful bright summery pink shot through with gold flakie, all in that elegant bottle shape.  Winner.   3 coats alone on the thumb, 2 coats over SH Back To The Fuchsia on the fingers.  Result ?  Some sort of over-bright neon-coral nastiness ?

I'm bummed, I don't want to hate this, but it's not looking like the amazing photos.  Maybe it's my skin tone, but my nails look like flambed salmon.  Ugh.  Also, at least in my lighting, it isn't really a flakie, and half of me KNOWS I could do just as well with a CG Traffic Jam and Essie As Gold As It Gets.

To be fair, this goes on well, and at just one coat, reminds me a lot of Zoya Chloe.  It's jelly enough that you can use it over other colours, and that may be our next experiment.

So colour me indifferent.  I'll probably try it again, after all, it is an official crime to swap away a Lippmann, but ..... aw, I wanted this to be so much MORE :(

Enjoy xx :)
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