Saturday, 24 March 2012

HITS Can Can

Hi Goddesses

As you may know, I am not the most patient of Crumpets, and it all but killed me waiting for my mega delivery of 12 HITS Flakies to arrive.  Rhonni - who now runs Ninja Polish - put together a massive group buy, so the logistics were always going to be difficult, but hummana mummana, I am soooooo impatient.

So they are finally here, and oooooh which one should I try first ..... oh, would that be the purple ?  Yup.  Lol.  And it's quite a sexy beast.

I used 3 coats of Can Can - it wasn't totally opaque after 2, and next time, I will probably layer it.  This is a squishy blackcurrant jelly base, loaded with green/blue flakies.  I have to say, I much prefer it when it flashes blue, there's something more congruent about it then, AND it looks sexy as hell.

When this flashes green, it reminds me of rotting steak lol, which I am sure was NOT the look they were going for when this polish was designed lol.  But there's just something about the purple / green combo that doesn't work for me.   The green is the predominant position of the flakie, so you need to use the light to get the blue - the blue particularly likes the shade, and it seemed to love the halogens in the kitchen - whilst green seems to be the "resting" colour.

A word about the brushes.   I've read a lot of blog posts criticising the brushes, so I was curious to see what my experience would be like.   My main complaint is that the brush is like the OPI ProWide brush, yet the bottle is the width of a straw.  Me being a clumsy Crumpet, there were several narrowly avoided mishaps and palpitations.   The brush also didn't seem weighty enough to carry the load that a wide brush will gather - but, I'm not an expert on these things.

So, in summary, happpppppy - a purple flakie, what's not to love ???

Enjoy xxx :)
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