Saturday, 31 March 2012

LA Girl Color Addict INTOXICATE

Hi Goddesses  

I may be from the UK, but I love me some LA Girl.  They're inexpensive, and I have yet to have a bad experience.  I love their Glitter Addict range, I love LA Splash and most of all I LOVE the Color Addicts.

This little lady is called Intoxicate and came in the first part of the world's longest and windiest ever swap with Alyssa :)   As the name suggests, she's a vampy, devilish seducer, and she's exactly the sort of colour I love.

Half the photos on this post are in the nail room, and half are under the kitchen halogens.  I hate it when there's no natural light and you just can't get a true reflection of the colour.  In real life, Intoxicate is somewhere between the 2 shades you see - not as dark as the bright photos, not as warm as the halogen photos.

This is an aubergine deep wine, a cauldron of blood and blackcurrants, all interlaced with the finest gold shimmer.  She's truly beautiful, and intoxicating - she's the sort of wine you let dribble down you chin.

I'm a bit bummed I didn't write this when I was wearing her, cos this is really not giving her the rhapsody she deserves, but trust me when I say she's a stunner.  She also reminds me of about a dozen older OPI polishes - that Black Cherry Chutney style of polish.

So deep, devilish and dark.  Lush, lusty and illicit.  She's a dramatic vamp of a polish.

Enjoy xx :)

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