Sunday, 4 March 2012

Models Own - Endamame / Edamame

Hi Goddesses

Endamame is from Models Own's new Spring Collection and is a lovely bright, light, carefree green.

Surprisingly, this was the only polish I really wanted from the Collection, partly because in the promo shots it seemed to show a lot of shimmer and texture.  In person, the bottle also shimmers, but get it on the nail and ..... where dat shimmer go ?

Instead, this turns into a really flat green, as if the "shimmer" killed all the gloss.  It's not bright and shiny, but it's not matte either - it's caught in some dreary netherworld between the 2, which is totally in opposition to the cheeriness of the colour.

The colour itself IS pretty and pure spring.  It's light, charming - it skips gaily when no one's looking, and LOVES to gambol with the lambs - but agh, there's just something that gets lost in translation once it's on the nail.   

I'm really torn as to whether this one's a keeper.  It's different to every other green I own, but a bit more gloss, shimmer or both would have really elevated it into a spring green league of its own.

Enjoy xx :)

PS someone has just asked me to double check the name of this polish.  My bottle says ENDamame, but the Models Own website and FB page call it Edamame, which makes MUCH more sense.  I'll let you know when I get an answer from Models Own HQ!
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