Monday, 5 March 2012

Nails Inc - Jermyn Street

Hi Goddesses

One of the frequent pieces of feedback I get is that as a British blogger, you would like me to feature more British polishes.   So, I'm going to, and over the next few weeks, there'll be a whole array of Models Own and Nails Inc polishes to show you (there's already posts for pretty much all the Barry M polishes).

This is Nails Inc Jermyn Street, which is one of their "classics", a bit like how You Don't Know Jacques is an OPI classic.  

So, some facts about Nails Inc -

* they name all their polishes after London addresses, giving it a very British feel
* they retail for about £11, but you can pick older ones up for about half that on eBay
* they are good quality
* usually, their polishes are cremes, and all the cremes are really glossy
* lately, they've been branching out a bit and have released some brilliant magnetic polishes and some nice glitters, but predominantly this is a "safe" British line.

Jermyn Street is a glossy creme taupe.   One of my work friends wears this a lot, and it ALWAYS looks classy.   One of the things I find interesting about taupes is how they really look different on different people, and really seem to "react" to your skin tone.  This polish looks 2 shades darker on me than it does on Joanne.   The application was great, and very nearly a 1 coater.

So this is a darker taupe, but very warm toned.  There must have been a miniscule droplet of purple added at some point - it just gives it a hint of something, without overpowering it.   It's a really nice colour, goes on beautifully, but seems very similar to a lot of other taupes I own, so stay tuned for the comparison post!

Enjoy xx :)
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