Thursday, 8 March 2012

ORLY Charged Up + FingerPaints Twisted & Flashy

Hi Goddesses

OK, so this is another classic "from the vault".  Seriously, this time I have NOOOO excuse - as you'll see, I'd even written the post (weeks ago, but I have kept it as it was).  The only thing I can think of is that I took about a trillion photos and then just could NOT be arsed to edit them.  Cos seriously, this mani ROCKS ASS and it's a crime I have withheld it from you.  So without further adoooooo, here we go ....

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days - I have been trying to fight the flu off all week, my legs have felt like lead, and just when it looked last night like the flu had won, I've pulled level again by playing my trump card of an 18 hour sleep!   I still like jellied poo, but I've got to write this post, cos I need to take this mani off to do the all challenges I'm late for.

So, you know me, impatient, opportunistic, demanding - yup, all those great qualities blokes love - and the minute I found out about the Finger Paints Flakies, I had to have them.  Unfortunately, because we all wanted them before they were even released - man, what is WRONG with us lol - they weren't easy to get, but Heather Harrison on PAA found a set and I barged myself to the front of the queue - 1 beautifully easy swap later and here they are - my preciousssssss :)

Lol.   The other half of this post is Orly Charged Up, which came to me from a swap I did with the lovely Emma of Manicurity.    Emma is one of my best polish friends, and was brave / stupid enough to try and find me some purples I didn't have - brave or what!   She picked this, a flat medium dark purple, that's a really great colour, and a lot warmer than the photos.

Now, the reason Emma was able to find a purple I don't own is cos I usually avoid Orly like the plague.  I find them thin and unreliable, but this is a great colour, and because I've been poorly, I've worn this mani for 3 days with no chipping and hardly any tip wear.  Consider me astounded :)

So, let's get to the juicies.   The left hand is wearing Finger Paints Twisted, pretty much everyone's fave flakie.  Why?  Well because it has everything you want a flakie to have.  It's multi-coloured, and therefore more exciting than the others, which tend to stick to one main colour.

Twisted has orange, pink, blue, green, gold ALL dancing together and shifting colours as you angle your nail in the light.  It really is super pretty, and super wow enough to heal most Clairvoyant lemmings.   I love when the pink / blue flashes through - just so unexpected, and a real extra dimension.

Then on the right hand we have Flashy, which in the bottle is an orange flakey syrup.  I love how the orange clashes with the purple - it's just stunning, like hints of lava flowing outwards.   Flashy mimics Nubar 2010 and Essie Shine of The Times with its green shift, but mostly this has stayed orange for me.

By now, we all love the flakies, and most of you will probably have them already.  I predict much fun ahead for us, and I've even done the unthinkable and bought a matte top coat to enhance our playtime.  I know !!!   That's like a vegetarian devouring a burger!

So, sorry this post is slightly dull but I'm playing the flu card, ok ??   Right, energy, come to momma, we have some challenges to do :)

Enjoy xxx
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