Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ozotic 521 - The 400th Post

Hi Goddesses

Dum dum DAHHHHHHHHH - this, ladies is my 400th post, which means it had to be a little bit special.  So it is :)

If Debbie Crumpet and Elizabeth Stern were turned into frogs, and there were no other life forms on earth, eventually we would mate (as frogs do) and produce a baby.  And that baby would be Ozotic 521.

Elizabeth loves orange, and I am gaga for purple, and Ozotic 521 is the most insane duochrome I have yet seen, shifting from purple to orange, via every colour in between !!!  Oh, we would be proud and happy parents !

The photos don't quite capture how orange this goes, but it basically goes FIRE orange, like the orange in 520.   It then somehow skips red but ends up in a purpley place which can be brown-toned or flash toned.  There's a lot of grape going on here, and if you picture the skin of a dark grape, this indeed echoes all the other flashes you can see in that grape skin.

This is wildly beautiful.  And it IS wild.  There is nothing subtle about this polish at all.   Tonally, I guess it belongs most in autumn, with all the crazy tonalities of the leaves, but this baby is too beautiful to be confined to one box or one season.

This is a truly extraordinary colour, and the most extreme duochrome I own.  This even manages to be 2 or more colours simultaneously - crazy.   Talking of crazy, I hope you find it within your hearts to laugh at some of the crazy camera angles I attempted to try and capture the orange - there's all sorts of backgrounds - just block them out and focus on the colour lol.

The other funny thing about this post is the photos - half of them were taking outdoors in an amazing blast of rare spring sunshine.  I went inside, downloaded them, decided I needed some more, and in those 5 minutes, it had started to rain.  Typical British weather, and that's why the other photos are indoors.

Application was a dream.  Although these are thin enough to be layered, I didn't, so this is 3 coats and perfect opacity.

This is just swooooooningly beautiful - a bit like me and Elizabeth - and truly deeply special - a bit like me and Elizabeth.   If you haven't caved and bought an Ozotic yet, please do.   Save up for one - it'll blow your mind, and give you so much more pleasure than 3 OPIs.

Ah, Oh-zotics :)   Enjoy xx :)

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