Friday, 16 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Birds Nest Nails

Hi Goddesses

I'm only half happy with this mani.  I like the bird's nest part, but the eggs, not so much.

This started with 2 coats of Nails Inc Ganton Street, a lovely lush shiny brown that either looks like pooh or chocolate, depending on your preference lol.   And ... and I almost shudder when I say this .... I really like it on its own.  Meeeee, wearing a brown ??  I know !!  Bloody hell, I'll be falling in love with yellow next.  No, actually, NEVER.

Ha,ha.  So yes, 2 coats of chocolate pooh, and then with a large striper brush I made my twigs using SH Commander In Chic and then a little bit of Essie Jazz, and then a bit more Commander on top.

I really like the twigs actually, and I think I might use this pattern with some other colours - it's striking but unstructured at the same time.

The eggs, wellllll ... I think I was going for a Cadbury's mini egg look, and used Color Club Sheer Disguise (a fabulous grey duck egg blue), OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, CG Lemon Fizz, and Essie Jazz.  I tried to make them look like they had tumbled together, but it didn't quite work! 

I sponged the eggs lightly with SH White On to give them a speckled look, did a couple of tiny Commander in Chic dots, and then sponged again.   Hhhmmmmm, not so fulla love for the eggs!

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