Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Bulb To A Flower

Hi Goddesses

So, evil nativity scenes aside, these challenges are often just a good excuse for a nice mani.  And then sometimes, they are called Challenges for a reason.   Step forward "Bulb to a flower".

Now, the reason I included it in the challenge is that if you think of Spring, what do you think of ?   Fast motion photography of bulbs pushing through the soil and blooming into flowers, right ?   Yeh.   Shame it's such a sucky idea for a mani :)

Luckily, the angel that is my daughter VOLUNTEERED to step up to the plate on this one.  Love her!   And to be fair, although Beth is only 8, she STILL did a better job than I could have done.   She even sketched out each nail before hand!

We did this a couple of weeks ago on half term, and I remember the care and concentration that went into making each nail an enhancement of the last, even down to the length of the roots!

I'm sorry, but looking back, I can't even remember what colours she used, but it took about an hour and there were a LOT.    But god bless her, I love her for dragging me out of this one !

Enjoy xx :)
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