Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Butterflies

Hi Goddesses  

Those of you who know me and talk to me on Facebook, are well aware that I am quite a random person.  Quirky things happen to me, I can find the comedy in any disaster, and I am quite delighted by unplanned and fortuitous events.

Such as this .....  All along, I planned to do a skittle for this mani.  Various shades of hot pink and bright purple, all pulled together with the butterfly motif.   But then .... drops voice ... a couple of weeks ago, as I was photographing the amazing Ozotic 521 in the garden, a butterfly settled beside me as I snapped, and an idea was born ......

So, here you have my butterfly mani - over Oh-zotic 521.   I think it's a GENIUS of a happy accident, there's just something about that duochrome shift which perfectly mimics the delicacy and beauty of a butterfly's wings.

I was also a diligent Crumpet for this.  I pulled up my pinterest board and painstakingly drew out the design using my new favourite toy, China Glaze INK.    Being a clumsy Crumpet, I cannot, for the life of me, do nail art with nail brushes.   Don't know why, but life is too short for me to continue to care.  Usually I use a dotting tool, but I knew for this I was going to have to man up.

This is basically a striper brush, sitting in a dinky nail polish bottle.  It applies FLAWLESSLY - hell, even when I used it, it looks good!  It's a dream to manoeuvre round the nail, provides crisp opaque lines, and is everything you could want from a black nail art thingy.  If only they did more colours, sigh.

So, butterflies, loving it, and rather shocked that it looks so good :)

Have a great weekend :)  enjoy xx 
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