Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Daffodilemmas ........

Hi Goddesses

Oh this is a frustrating one!  I tried, I really really TRIED. I did my research, found a Google image, practiced drawing it on paper, perfected it, picked my tools, set to work and ..... PAP, total utter PAP lol.

This looked a holy mess.  The polish was about 5 inches thick, the shape is all wrong ... lol, but I TRIED!!!!!!

Technical stuff - the base is either Herring or Rotterdam from the OPI Holland Collection.  The main yellow is OPI The It Color.  Then the darker yellow is CG Papaya Punch, and then the edging - see, I even did EDGING - is an art pen.

Will you look at how those dots look like rhinestones lol.   I tried to do what I've seen other bloggers do to great effect, and create a complementary pattern on a couple of the nails (this also reduces the need for excruciating art) but lol, will you LOOK at how far they protrude!!!

I did this mani a fortnight ago, and looking at the photos, I keep chuckling.  There is obviously something heinous in or around the ring finger that I am desperate to conceal, but I can't even remember now what it was.  Love those contorted poses though.

Oh well, at least I tried :)

Enjoy / walk away NOW xx :)
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