Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Ducks

Hi Goddesses

Oh, deep joy - animals!  Worse, birds!   Deep breath.  Gulp.  You ready ?

Ok, in my head, this could have been SO much worse, so I think we all owe ourselves a collective deep breath that it isn't and that ... oh my god! ... yes, they DO look like ducks!!  Hurrah!  Miracle of Miracles!

I was very worried when I did the middle nail that we were about to have a repeat of the zombie cat situation, but comedic potential though he definitely does have, we're safe :)

This is a base of 2 coats of Essie Borrowed and Blue, which I really didn't like.  It's a very white pastel, and it went on like emulsion.  It wasn't super glossy, and it was just ... flat.   Super disappointing on every level.

I'm going to be honest - 2 weeks I've been debating how to do my ducks, 2 weeks lol.   He was just going to be a peeping head, but I was doing some doodling on a pad and realised that a duck shape is just 2 blobs stuck together, so TA-DAH .... we have full duck-o-vision!

He is mainly OPI The It Color, a hatefully bright (but very useful) yellow.   He is sailing on a metallic Kleancolor blue pond on the thumb, and he is made using just a dotting tool (cos I am too cack-handed to use a brush).

Phew!  I feel I dodged a bullet, I really do.  He looks like a duck!  Big gay skippy dance!

Enjoy xx :)
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