Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring Challenge - The Easter Bunny

Hi Goddesses

Yup, Creature Feature time again, but hey, hang on a second .... isn't he .... cute !?   Yes, Miracle of Miracles I have a bunny who looks like a bunny and who I love and aaawwwww, isn't he CUTE lol.

This mani was brought to you by pinterest.   For those of you not yet on it, it's a brilliant way to "pin" or tag photos to boards so that you can go back and refer to them.  All I had to do was go to my Nail Art board and look at how other people had done their bunnies, and to be fair, it looked pretty simples, just a blob and 2 rounded vertical shapes - even a Crumpet can do that!

Wellllll, some fingers, as always are better than others lol.   I personally don't like the thumb - his eyes disturb me a little and it seemed wrong to erase them and redo them - blindness AND a transplant, I don't think so!

I love the middle finger and I am super in love with the little bobtail lol.

The base for this mani is a matte version of a-England Ascalon, which I originally posted here.   It goes minky gorgeous with a matte top coat, and was the perfect base for this.   My usual SH White On, and then OPI Sparrow Me The Drama for bunny's pink bits :)

Super cute Easter Bunny funny !!

Enjoy xx :)
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