Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Lambs

Hi Goddesses

Uh oh, here we go.  It's creature feature time again. Can you hear the lambs, Clarice, can you ?  They're screaming because the Crumpet tried to "draw" them.

Lol, after the failure of my nativity lamb a couple of months ago, I decided to do as simple as simple could with these ones.   My latest love is colour washing / water colour nails, where you blob on a tiny bit of polish and then swoosh it around the nail with an acetone dipped brush to create a watery wowser.  Technical term, that.

So I decided that for my lambs I would do a backdrop of their fur (? wool?) which always looks dirty, matted and possibly fecal to me.  For this I used a base of SH White On, and then swooshed around with Nails Inc Colville Mews, CG Lemon Fizz, CC Incognito and KleanColor Metallic White.  And voila, an off-white matted, dirty and possibly fecal mess.

For the faces, I again decided on simple, and courtesy of Google images learnt that lambs have very wideset eyes and also have a smile!  How cute is that!

I do actually like the thumb, that works, but it took me til I'd finished the index finger to realise I needed to switch to a smaller dotting tool.  And then .. well, downhill from there!

Poor index finger lamb.  He looked ugly from the off cos the dotting tool was too big, but just after I'd Poshe'd him, Beth barged in front of me and yup, that's why he looks like he got hit on the nose.

Poor lambs.  THAT, Clarice, is why they were screaming.

Enjoy slash move on lol xxx :)

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