Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Stripes

Hi Goddesses  

Ugh I am a sucky Crumpet.  A really bad, slack, sucky Crumpet.  This is yesterday's post, but I'm a bit behind.  I have about 50 sets of photos in the crop slash write-a-post bucket.  Yup, 50.  I believe I have bitten off more than I can chew lol.  So that's been a bit daunting (plus it takes ages to find the pics I want lol) AND I've been stressed and budy at work, which means I have got behind rather than ahead.   Siiiiiiigh.

So belatedly, here are my nothing-special Spring stripes which I did a couple of weeks ago.   I wanted to do something different, and decided to sponge on the stripes - unfortunately even with an eyeshadow applicator, these went on thicker than I wanted.

The base is Picture Polish Denim which is super gorgeous and coming to a "crop slash write-a-post bucket" near you soon.  The sponging was with Models Own Beth's Blue, one of my faves (I just love it's faint lilac tinge).

To spice it up, I layered over a coat of Dollish Polish Super Bass, a superb peacock blend of bright blue and bright purple micro glitter.  It's one of those things that didn't make much difference, yet made all the difference in the world, if that makes sense.  I love it 10 times more with Super Bass on top.

Some of you may recognise this as the base of a stamping pattern I did a couple of weeks ago - and THAT'S how I ended up with my backlog.  I can often manage to get 4 variations out of 1 mani, and then they just er pile up, cos I end up with more manis than I had days.

Right lol - off to crop !!

Enjoy xxx :)
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