Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring Challenge - Subtle Glitterbomb - Whimsical Layering

Hi Goddesses  

Today's Spring Challenge - oooops YESTERDAY'S Spring Challenge, I've had the week from HELL - was a subtle glitterbomb or flakiebomb.   I'm a bit of a planner with these challenges, and over the last couple of weeks, I've probably done 3 ideas for this, but not been totally happy with any of them.

I was lucky enough to receive Revlon Whimsical in a recent swap with Victoria Wood, and it's interesting.   I was 100% sure I didn't need it because I am lucky enough to own Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air, but their identicalness plays into my hands - it allows me to experiment, knowing I am not wasting any expensive droplets :)

So the first thing I did was what I always wanted to do with GITA but was too Scroogelike to try - see what it looked like layered over a variety of colours.

Our skittle is -

* thumb - Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
* index - Essie Cocktail Bling
* middle - CG Kinetic Candy
* ring - Sally Hansen Wet Cement
* pinkie - CG Light As Air

And sorry ... Crumpet forgot to take a swatch of what these all looked like before I layered them .... hangs head in shame at rookie mistake .....

I don't know about you, but the clear winners for me are the lilacs.  I think Cocktail Bling looks sensational, and Light As Air looks good enough to eat.

Not to overlook the basics, let me describe Whimsical for those of you who have lived in a cave so far this year :)  Like its inspiration, GITA, it's a super milky palest blue jelly, sparsely sprinkled with aqua and peach glitter and then teeeeeeeeeeny tiny micro particles of aqua dust, again, super sparse.

Part of the reason Cocktail Bling is my favourite is that it's the one that does the very best job of highlighting the teeny tiny blue super-micro glitter that is also in the mix.  

So, finally, verrrrrry happy with this.  GITA and Whimsical are the definition of spring polishes for me - super light and cashmere delicate.

Have a great weekend - enjoy xxx :)
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