Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stamping Sunday - Circles

Hi Goddesses

Oh My God.  I LOVE this mani.  It looks amazing.  Honestly.  In real life.  Yeh, the photos are from the Camera That Hates Purples .... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

This is a bit of a layering extravaganza.  We have -

* Picture Polish Denim
* sponging with Models Own Beth's Blue
* a light dusting of Dollish Polish Super Bass (full swatch to come soon)
* and THEN stamping with Cheeky plate CH7 and KleanColor Metallic Purple

Now, let me just be clear, here.  In real life, this is STUNNING.  The KleanColor Metallic Purple ?  Stunning.  Stunnnnnn-ing.  It's electric, dramatic, and contrasts beautifully with everything beneath it.

So, to the crap pictures.  My Camera Hates Purples, always has.   Even the halogen lights in the kitchen couldn't save it.  I got some HALF decent photos from the hideous warm light of the nail room, but really, they only give you half the picture (unintentional lol, sorry).    You need to focus on that purple, and dial it up to 11.   It looks like Buffy The Violet Slayer's exotic darker cousin - freakin' amazing.

So, could not love this more, and could not hate my camera more.  You'll never know how awesome this mani was, and that, Goddesses, is what they call a bitch.

Enjoy xx :)
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