Sunday, 4 March 2012

Stamping Sunday - A Plate Ending in 4

Hi Goddesses

This week's challenge in Adventures In Stamping involved using a plate ending in 4.  As they are my newest and most exciting I picked my Cheeky Plates - this is CH4.

It's a weird little thing I've ended up with, isn't it lol.  This all happened a but by accident - I certainly didn't plan to end up with this - but it is kind of quirky, and I like that.

More than anything, this reminds me of those patterns that are never ending - it feels like my nails should rotate with this pattern circling under my nail and then back on top lol.   It's a crazy funhouse circus pattern!

The base is Models Own Endamame from their new Spring Collection, and I'll post the swatch post later in the week.  I then used KleanColor Metallic Red to stamp over it - a really REALLY good red for stamping.

I wanted to bling it up a TEENY bit, so I added a coat of CND Scarlet Shimmer instead of top coat - I really don't think you can tell.  I should have stuck with Poshe, it would have kept the tips crisper.

Happy Sunday !!  xxxx Enjoy :)
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