Sunday, 25 March 2012

Stamping Sundays - Black and White

Hi Goddesses  

Today's Stamping Sunday is a bit of a fail I'm afraid.  The theme was fine, but I am getting sick and tired of my blacks not being "perfect" for stamping.  Let's just say that after this mani, I went straight on Amazon and caved - Konad black and white will be coming to CrumpetLand shortly.

And that's everything you need to know about this mani!   It's failure is because of the black polish - OPI Black Onyx, which is usually reasonably reliable.  I couldn't get enough to lift on to the stamp, and then I couldn't get the WHOLE image to deposit on the nail.

I didn't mind so much that the black is "broken" rather than solid, but I do mind that it doesn't cover the whole nail, especially when I am in nubbin mode.   You can probably see on a couple of the nails where I tried to restamp to extend the pattern ..... nah, didn't work.

As it was minging, I decided it was a good time to try a polish that's been in my untrieds for ages - Wet n Wild Shuffle the Decks, a great silver, black and red glitter (I've really struggled to think of something cool to layer it over).

I quite like the finished combo - the black glitter fills come of the gaps in lol, and the occasional dash of red lifts it a little.

Enjoy xx :)
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