Saturday, 17 March 2012

This Haul is Madness !! March Madness !!

Hi Goddesses  

So, remember a couple of months ago when I did the haul I ended up with after a no-buy month, and all you smarty peeps said "I'd hate to see what happens when you're NOT on a no-buy ...." ?  Remember that ?  Well, this post isn't what happens when I'm let loose.   No.  This is HALF of what happened in March .......  half ......

Without being defensive, I'm going to give this a little bit of context lol.    2 things happened in March.

* 1.  I cleaned out my stash.  I listed it, on a spreadsheet, and found 150 that I didn't want or need anymore, and I made these available for swaps.  As we know, swaps don't count, so half of what you're about to see was technically FREE POLISH

* 2.  I realised that new Collections now underwhelm me because I've seen it all, bought most of it, and swapped half of it away again.  So now, in my purchasing, I'm looking for specific things, and Etsy, that means you.   If you don't know yet, Etsy is a website where people sell their homemade crafts, and it's home to some cracking polish-makers.  So most of what I actually bought came from Etsy, and is UNIQUE.  And therefore an art purchase.  Or a future antique.   You just can't call that random spending, you can't :)

I'm going to divide this up into sections.  First, my amazing swaps.

from Alyssa, 2 Manglazes, a Butter London and 2 LA Girl polishes I'd been after.

from my polish Momma, Elizabeth, 3 China Glazes from the Hunger Games Collex.

from Victoria Wood, a whole HEAP of stuff.  This started out with a desire for 3 OPI Sorbets from the Texas Collex so that I can finally get a glitter sandwich right, and bless her, she found me 2 more OPIs off my wishlist and all sorts of other random little goodies PLUS a Whimsical which I forgot to photograph.

from the lovely Lyncia, Knackered by Butter London and CG Flying Dragon which I won in PAA polish bingo :)

from Genevieve, Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed :)

and from Nicole Andrea Tan, 4 Picture Polishes and an Oh-zotic 505 because I found OPI Reflecting Pool for her.

Ok, so now to the Etsy purchases, and I'll give you the link to each shop.

Dollish Polish, my new official favourite seller of polishes.  Oh they're just OH!  Gorgeous, each and every one.  My only complaint is that I always want to put a 2nd L in polLish, so that it matches Dollish .....   Oh and I have another order on the way .... oops.

This is from All That Glitters - my 2nd order from Kirsten.  You may have seen the mermaidy mani I did this week with Cha Cha Twist, that was from the same store.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, my first Nerd Lacquers.  Well equal first, as I also have 2 sets of 3 coming from 2 swaps !!  Lucky lucky me!

And finally from one of my favourite polish makers, Pam from Pam's Girly Bits.  Pam has her own Facebook page here, and she is also stocked on Llarowe here.  This is my 2nd order from Pam, and nothing I have bought has less than delighted me.

OK, and now to the rest of the purchases.

These are my HITS flakie polishes which I ordered from Rhonni of Ninja Polish ooooooh well, waaaay before Christmas, and THAT ladies is why they don't count.  Plus, the amount of calories I have burned off in the impatience of waiting for them to get to me ?   They don't count :)

A couple more HITS - holos this time - and a red Oh-zotic holo as I continue my quest for the perfect red holo.  Quest ... does that mean I can claim it's scientific research ?

Ah, a-Englands - come on, you can't begrudge me these masterpieces, can you ??

and 5 LA Girl Metals I got for stamping.

and finally, I seem to be on a bit of a Matte Obsession at the moment, so a couple of Zoyas (thanks Julie) and 2 x OPI Suedes.

And yes er I think that's very reasonable and restrained .... no I don't think we should mention all the other polishes still in transit ...  no, they don't count til they get here ... if we're REALLY lucky, that will be April .... but I want them now .... so do I .... maybe they won't notice if I come back next week and add a few more photos .......

Enjoy xxx :)

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